[sw-l] left-handed or right-handed?

Sandy Fleming sandy at FLEIMIN.DEMON.CO.UK
Mon Dec 6 17:07:11 UTC 2004

Sorry, Val, in the example I've just sent out I missed the fact that the
arrows should change colours!

However, this in itself isn't a problem for a programmer - you just get the
program to change the fill just as you would have to get it to flip change
the handshape.

Still hoping someone will notice that I've provided a solution which
addresses all these issues...!


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> December 6, 2004
> Stephen Slevinski wrote:
> > As a programmer, I prefer right-handed signs in the dictionary.  If I
> > know
> > what to expect, I can generate a left-handed dictionary automatically.
> >  I
> > can either flip the image, or manipulate the SWML.  If something is
> > consistent and predictable, it is easier for programmers to use.
> Hello Stephen and Everyone!
> Thanks for this idea...but actually this is dangerous for other
> reasons. When we write left-handed signs, the colors of the arrowheads
> reverse, as you know...The dark arrowhead, which represents the right
> hand, and the left arrowhead, as you know, is the white or hollow
> arrowhead...and those will change...
> When signers are amidexterous (sp? ;-)...namely that they use both left
> and right handed signs interchangeably, there are times when the right
> hand crosses way over to the left side, so you will have
> unpredictabilty with the way signs are produced...
> So if your dictionary signs will be used to create SWML, you will be
> making it impossible to transcribe from videotape, because if one
> really writes the way a person signs, then you will not be having a
> standard right and left...
> Keeping basic dictionary entries right handed is fine...it is just sad
> to think we would be limited for SignText and other sentence-making
> programs...
> It would mean that you would not be able to discuss a left-handed sign
> inside an email message written in SignWriting - ha!
> Val ;-)

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