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December 7, 2004

Stuart Thiessen wrote:
> 1) At first, I was confused because it looked like the hands should be
> over the head since they were over the shoulder line. But when I
> considered it almost as if it were a top-down view, then it made
> sense. But the hand orientations are not top-down, right?
> 2) Is this an instance of where top-down might be better instead of
> receptive for clarity? Or a side view?
> 3) If we use either alternative ... how again would we indicate that
> in the flow of text? I know you have mentioned before about it not
> being a good idea to switch views in the text. That is why I am
> wondering about this.


Stuart - I remember saying that years ago, but then later I decided
that mixing viewpoints is not as dangerous as I thought it might
be...Oddly enough it doesn't seem to bother me as much as I thought it
would...See the attached diagram...

When we write movement parallel to the Front Wall...Up and Down...up on
the page really does mean up!

But when we write movement parallel to the Floor...Forward or Back...it
is seen from the Top View, and the upper area of the page is actually
in front of the chest...so up on the page is really forward, in front
of the body...

In the attached diagram I show a bunch of signs that are seen from the
Top...the first and second ones are attempts at writing your sign for
BEFORE...the only one that mixes viewpoints is the second one...and yet
for some reason I read it ok...

Having said that, I think the very first one is the best and that means
we need a long arrow in the IMWA... smile...

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