[sw-l] Stuarts Question about Curved Arrows...

Stuart Thiessen sw at PASSITONSERVICES.ORG
Tue Dec 7 22:52:00 UTC 2004

Yes that last one looks like it.  But a question ...

1) At first, I was confused because it looked like the hands should be
over the head since they were over the shoulder line. But when I
considered it almost as if it were a top-down view, then it made sense.
But the hand orientations are not top-down, right?

2) Is this an instance of where top-down might be better instead of
receptive for clarity? Or a side view?

3) If we use either alternative ... how again would we indicate that in
the flow of text? I know you have mentioned before about it not being a
good idea to switch views in the text. That is why I am wondering about


On Dec 7, 2004, at 11:29, Valerie Sutton wrote:

> SignWriting List
> December 7, 2004
> Stuart Thiessen wrote:
>> How do others handle this?  My example situation is the sign for
>> BEFORE in ASL that I am transcribing from a video.  It starts in
>> neutral space with the left hand mostly face down and the back of the
>> right hand contacting the back of the left hand and then moving in a
>> backward arc over the shoulder and a little past the shoulder. I am
>> trying to figure out how to show the right hand beginning in a palm
>> face-up orientation then ending in a palm facing the body
>> orientation. Plus there is the question of how to show that it leaves
>> neutral space to go over the shoulder.
> Hello Stuart and Everyone -
> It is not an easy sign, but it can be written. Attached are some of
> the different signs for BEFORE in our ASL dictionary in SignWriter
> Java...the last one is a new one that I just typed in SignWriter Java,
> trying to follow your description, Stuart...
> Is this close to what you want? I think we can find a simpler way to
> write it later, but for right now, can you read it?
> <curved-arrows8.gif>

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