[sw-l] BELGIUM: 2 new flag-icons

Valerie Sutton sutton at SIGNWRITING.ORG
Mon Dec 13 16:59:45 UTC 2004

SignWriting List
December 13, 2004

Has anyone tested the new program SignText yet? We need your feedback!
See instructions below...I would suggest using a fast browser, such as
FireFox or Mac Safari...But no matter what, give it a try and tell us
what happened -

Val ;-)

Stephen Slevinski wrote:

> List,
> SignText is ready.  The beta version does not allow any editing, but
> it is
> available as a download that requires no special setup.  If you can use
> SignMaker on SignPuddle, you can use SignText offline on your local PC.
> SignText has 2 practical uses.  First, you can create a vocabulary
> list of
> sign offline and then import those signs into a SignPuddle dictionary.
> Second, you can create SignWriting documents with lanes.  You can view
> these
> documents online.  You can also generate HTML code that you can copy
> and
> paste onto any website.  In the near future, you will be able to send
> the
> documents as SignWriting emails.
> SignText Online:
> http://www.oculog.net/signtext
> SignText Download:
> http://www.oculog.net/signtext.zip (8 MB)
> How to create a vocabulary offline and load into SignPuddle dictionary.
> 1) Download and unzip SignText.  Note: the SignText download contains
> the
> entire IMWA, over 25 thousand image files.  Unzipping this file may
> take
> some time.
> 2) Open the file signtext.html located in the signtext directory.
> 3) Use the SignMaker interface to create a sign.
> 4) Replace the generic gloss of "sign-1" with a more appropriate name.
> 5) Press the "Center Lane" icon to add the sign to the list.  You will
> see
> the sign appear under the "SWML Output" button.  The "Left Lane" and
> "Right
> Lane" buttons are used when creating documents with lanes.
> 6) Press "Clear All" to clear the SignBox.
> 7) Repeate steps 3 thru 6 for multiple signs.
> 8) Press the "SWML Output" button to generate the SWML.
> 9) Copy the SWML to the clipboard.  In the future, the "SWML Online"
> button
> will link to the SignPuddle dictionaries and other sources.
> 10) Go online and enter the appropriate SignPuddle dictionary.
> 11) Select the "Import" icon from the icon list on the left of the
> screen.
> 12) Paste the SWML into the textarea.
> 13) Press "Preview".  You will see the signs appear with an option to
> add or
> load each sign.
> 14) Press "Add" to add each sign to the dictionary.  Pressing "Load"
> will
> load the sign into SignMaker.
> If you are writing a document, use the Right Lane and Left Lane to add
> lanes
> to your writing.  You can use the SWML preview utility to view your
> document
> and generate the HTML code.
> http://www.oculog.net/swml/swml-s.php
> If you're willing, give it a try and let me know.
> -Stephen

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