[sw-l] MundbildSchrift

Sandy Fleming sandy at FLEIMIN.DEMON.CO.UK
Wed Dec 15 11:53:53 UTC 2004

Hi Val & Stefan!

> But now, Sandy...there is a huge difference between the words
> GebaerdenSchrift and MundbildSchrift...

Now I get it!

OK, what I need is Mundbildschrift and I think everything I need is on
Stefan's site (apart from one thing I needed to add for a Scottish accent!).

I have questions for Stefan:

1.  There's a difference between Mundbildschrift for teaching speech (eg M,
P and B would be written differently), and Mundbildschrift for writing sign
languages (where M, P and B are all the same), isn't that right?

2.  Do you have two different names for these or do you call them both

3.  If I were to design a keyboard for typing in one sign language only, do
you think I should enable typing of the full Mundbildschrift for teaching
voice, or just the version for typing the sign language? I suppose they
could be chosen as options.

I'm currently trying to design a keyboard layout for the US-SSS - I think
restricting the keyboard to one language will make for a fast, easy typing
system. If this works (I've had several failed attempts but my latest effort
seems to be working out) I'd use the experience to make up a GB-SSS and
design a keyboard layout for that. I'm not attempting Adam's idea of
designing a complete IMWA keyboard!


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