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Sandy Fleming sandy at FLEIMIN.DEMON.CO.UK
Sun Feb 8 20:59:58 UTC 2004

Hi Daniel and List!

Daniel wrote:

> Sandy, do you think that the British Deaf people would object to the
> logo just because it uses a non-British Fingerspelling? Or do you have
> the feeling it doesn't matter very much? This is important. Please
> could you ask some friends in the UK whether they like the logo?

My friends in the UK would wonder what I'm talking about - SW isn't well
known here, yet! I've spoken to some signing friends about SW but they just
don't "get" it yet.

I only mentioned it as a point you might want to take into consideration.
Whether it matters or not, I'm not sure - the fact that you can use the
software to do SW in any signed language is what's important. On the other
hand people can be very odd about things that look "foreign" no matter how
trivial. I'm not sure! In the end it's your program and it's up to you!

> properties: a unique, rather bright color combination (with a #DEAF00
> secret, programmers understand), and simple geometric shapes combined

I liked the colours of #00DEAF and #0DEAF0 as well! But #DEAF00 can be
written just "#DEAF" so that's better  :)


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