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February 9, 2004

Sandy Fleming wrote:
> I only mentioned it as a point you might want to take into
> consideration.
> Whether it matters or not, I'm not sure - the fact that you can use the
> software to do SW in any signed language is what's important. On the
> other
> hand people can be very odd about things that look "foreign" no matter
> how
> trivial. I'm not sure! In the end it's your program and it's up to you!

Dear SW List, Sandy, Daniel...
I still like Daniel's logo...I wouldn't worry about what Deaf people
think in England, since as Sandy said, not too many people use
SignWriting there yet...SignWriting will look "foreign" to anyone who
does not know it...so no logo can solve that...unless it were only
pictures, and no languages in the logo at all...

So there are two alternatives...

1. Use the logo you want, in your language. In time, other countries
will learn that that logo "represents" that computer program, even if
they do not know how to read the language in the logo...

2. Or combine a picture with the SignWriting, so that even the
untrained eye can see that it is some kind of software...That is what I
did with the current SignWriter Java splash screen...see attached
diagram...By adding a picture of two people signing and typing, looking
at a map of Europe, I was trying to show that it was software for
signers that was international! I bet most people never even notice
those details anyway...smile...

You are always welcome to use this artwork, Daniel, for the new version
of SignWriter Java...I had actually assumed you would use any artwork
that has been connected with the software in the past...It is a part of
the history of SignWriter Java...I can provide you with the artwork in
many sizes...It can be quite small too...The SignWriting sentence,
which says "SignWriter Computer Program" in ASL (the signs
are...computer-program-comma-Sign-Writer), could be changed to
Swiss-German Sign Language, or more internationally understood
signs...see attached...or your new logo could be placed on the picture,
without a sentence at all...

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