Nouns vs Verbs

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Fri Feb 13 00:33:23 UTC 2004

Hi Everyone,
I guess we have several questions in this regard. There are several verbs
that can be transformed into nouns - sometimes called Noun-Verb Pairs. This
is done by generaly doing the tense movement with repeating. However, this
does not mean that all nouns have tense movements nor repeated movements.
"Chair" and "Sit" are perfect examples of a noun-verb pair.
As in Val four sign, not all of them follow the Noun-Verb Pair rule. This is
because there is not real need to have a verb form of that word. (ie the
words were: curtian, class, card, and abortion.) The first three have no
verb pair; however, abortion does. So, the true noun form should have a
tension mark, but most times in ASL the word abortion is not used. The word
abort (ie to remove a baby from a womb) is used. Val, I hope that answers
your question about these first four signs.
Val is also correct about the sign American with tension is the meaning of
The question Bill placed about the sign "chairperson" to Tina is a good one.
Tina is right that to sign chair in that concept would not be full correct.
Maybe Sign English, but not ASL. The suggestion of leader is a good one.
That can be used because a chairperson is a leader. A better one would be to
use the sign to controll as a noun or just add person because a chairperson
"holds the reins" of the meeting. ;-)
In answer to your question, Val, I am not an ASL teacher - yet. I am bearly
a freshman in College. :-) I have studied ASL in great detail. That is why
SignWriting was such an interest to me. I took the top level ASL class at
Peirce Community College, which is nationally reconized as one of the top
interpreter programs in America. My teacher, a native signer of ASL, had to
often to tell me to hold a comment or question because it would be for 4
more levels higher than that class. She would answer my questions after
class, though. Now I also tutor the students of thoes classes. I was
recomended by my teacher.
I hope that helps everyone. If there are any other questions, ask! ;-)
|    |
  ! !  /

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