Nouns vs Verbs...Pierce College...;-)

Adam Frost seniorafrost at HOTMAIL.COM
Fri Feb 13 16:14:22 UTC 2004

>By the way...I taught several workshops on SignWriting at Pierce Community
>College, in Woodland Hills, in the San Fernando Valley (north
..of Los Angeles) in 1982, 1983, 1984. Several of our DAC members started
>working with me, because of those workshops...They became the Deaf staff
>who wrote the SignWriter Newspaper in ASL from 1982-1984...So I am very
>familiar with Pierce College! Wonderful ASL program are right!
>Val ;-)

Yes, I know. When I told one of the teachers in the Department, she told me
about it, and that she was trilled that I found out about SW. She said that
she was sad the the workshops had to stop, but it was because there wasn't
that much support from the Deaf Community - for reason already known. :-( I
would to have loved to have been there, but when this started I was still
being talked about for a name (I was just born). And you are right, it is a
wonderful program.

Now with you question about typing with DOS, I have been practicing with it,
but I am afriad that I am still a baby with it. It will take time. I have no
problem, however, doing single signs for right now to give the basic idea.
(Sorry if the ordering of the symbols of the sign is a little shacky.)
Hopefully I will become more proficiant with it and also give some more
grammar with it, too. :-)

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