PNG format accepted in all web browsers?

Valerie Sutton sutton at SIGNWRITING.ORG
Sun Feb 15 21:02:52 UTC 2004

SignWriting List
February 15, 2004

Charles Butler wrote:
> Neither my Netscape or My Messenger take .png's.  I
> have to go to Photoshop or something else, they don't
> open automatically.

Hello Everyone and Charles!
Wow...I am glad I asked. What version of Netscape are you using?

I am using Netscape 7.1 on the Mac. It can read PNGs. And you can
download a free version for Windows on the web. Go to:

Download New Netscape 7.1

Try that, Charles...That would be nice for you anyway...for other
reasons too.

Meanwhile, what is My Messager?

Val ;-)

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