OK! Here is Help From an ASL signer on the List...

Adam Frost seniorafrost at HOTMAIL.COM
Wed Feb 25 02:49:01 UTC 2004

Every since this question was posted before, I have been trying to do that,
but I am not yet that efficient with Sign Writer Dos. Plus, I have just
started school and work. I am about half way there. When I get it done, I
will send it to you. (Probably BMP because I can not convert still.)

Now with the question of "Birthday." You are right, there are several signs.
Although, from my travels around the US. I have seen that the general sign
is becoming uniformed. I have attached what one it is that I am talking
about. This sign is a Gally sign, but it is being used by most because it is
the simplest and most centralized. (This is usually the signs that are most

As for "Dear," I have seen two versions of it. Both are correct. But then
again, the single hand sign seems to be winning. That and the other sign is
becoming obsolete. Most of the older Deaf use that sign.

And a side note about grammar. Most people sign it following English grammar
for two reasons: they don't know ASL grammar well (Deaf or Hearing), and
because of the multi-form of ASL, the English grammar is correct -- for this
song! The latter isn't always true, but it fits here. I will try to get the
file done so that you can see an alternate form to get a better idea of ASL
grammar as soon as possible.

I hope that this helps you for the mean time. :-) If there are any other
questions, I will be happy to answer them for you. ;-)

|    |
  ! !  /

Val Wrote:

SignWriting List
February 24, 2004

Dear SW List Members:
A few weeks ago, Stefan in Germany asked if someone could write the
"Happy Birthday Song" in ASL for us, in SignWriting? I am not an expert
on ASL, and if I wrote it, the ASL signs would be in English
word-order, and we all know that is not true ASL...

So Stuart, or Adam, or any other ASL signer on the List....I am writing
to ask a favor....

Can you write "Happy-Birthday-To You" in ASL grammar for us?

Type it in SignWriter DOS and post the sentence to the List. If you
cannot make a graphics file yourself, then send the SGN file to me and
I can convert it for you. Or you can do it yourself, by exporting the
file in SignWriter DOS. That will create a BMP. Send me the BMP

I hope someone will respond!

I am very curious myself (smile)...

Val ;-)

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