SignSpelling for the ASL sign for GRACE

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Fri Feb 27 14:40:52 UTC 2004

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February 27, 2004

Thank you, Charles, for this comment...

Charles Butler wrote:
> I like number 3, Valerie, but you still haven't answered his original 
> question.  Given his writing and/or yours, how would you order the 
> sign in the dictionary, what symbol comes first in the "spelling" when 
> one has multiple handshapes and multiple movements. Charles

Val answers:
I didn't realize that was Stuart's question...I thought he was asking 
how to actually write the sign...So, Stuart, as soon as I know how you 
are choosing to write the sign for GRACE, I will be happy to go over 
how to enter the SignSpelling into SignBank.

Your SignSpelling description sounds good Charles:

1) Wedge hand facing forward.
2) In front of shoulder
3) Turning around (whether explicitly shown or not)
4) Moving across
5) Ending with final handshape and position.

That is the SignSpelling for some of the versions I wrote - ha! I will 
be happy to go over the SignSpelling Guidelines, as soon as we know how 
Stuart is writing it....So I wait for your reply, Stuart...What is your 
final writing of GRACE?

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