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Valerie Sutton sutton at SIGNWRITING.ORG
Fri Feb 27 16:03:08 UTC 2004

SignWriting List
February 27, 2004

Dear SW List, Kostas, Themis, Nikos and also Charles!
It is great to hear from our Greek contributors, after so many years.
It was 2001, when Themis sent me the files for the Greek
Fingerspelling. I feel fortunate that you are still are on the
SignWriting List in 2004!

Thank you, Charles, for helping me fix the mistakes in the order of the
Greek alphabet. I do not know Greek, obviously! ;-)

And thanks too, to Nikos, for stimulating me to find the old files and
to post them. I am very sorry, that it has taken me so long. Originally
I had hoped to create a new version of SignWriter DOS, with a Greek
Fingerspelling Keyboard, and a way to type the Greek spoken language in
the old DOS program. It can be done, but I would have to place the
letters of the Greek alphabet into a symbol editor, and actually create
a way to type in Greek, without the modern benefits of operating
systems that already type Greek. So because it was such a daunting
task, since I do not know Greek myself and I could make many mistakes,
and also, because SignWriter DOS is an old computer program that is now
being re-designed for modern operating systems, I did not create the
special version of SignWriter for Greece. I can imagine this must have
been a disappointment for Themis, who put so much work into SignWriting
in 2001.

So, at least I have placed Themis' fingerspelling work on the web, for
any new computer programmers who might want to use the information.
Regarding the web pages, I have now changed them slightly, and I need
your approval:

1. on both web pages, I placed credits and contact information for both
2. on the fingerspelling web page, I gave Themis credit at the top, for
the fingerspelling writing...

Please write again to tell me if you would like any changes to these
web pages:

Many thanks!

Val ;-)


Kostas Margaritis from Greece wrote:
> Thanks for posting our contribution of the Greek Alphabet ... I have
> just
> checked my mail and seen the mail thread with the discussion on the
> order of
> the Greek Alphabet letters and I realised that we initially forgot to
> mention
> this "minor" detail. However thanks to Charles everything is now in
> order.
> Just for historical reasons I would like to thank  Themis Karaminis
> (themkar at, my colleague who designed the Greek SW Alphabet. He
> is
> serving the Greek Army right now, so I am replying on his behalf.
> Kostas Margaritis
> University of Macedonia
> Thssaloniki, Greece

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