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Valerie Sutton sutton at SIGNWRITING.ORG
Sat Feb 28 20:55:47 UTC 2004

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February 28, 2004

Stefan Woehrmann wrote:
> the reason for my question - I missed the second hand or other
> surfaces -
> I would not use the -in between - symbol for fingers of the same hand
> - like
> the ASL - "T" ...-- but good to know the reason for this spelling -
> ha! Stefan ;-))

Hi Everyone, and Stefan!
Well...yes...of course you are right that the In-between symbol is made
for two hands, with one in-between the other or whatever...but in the
old days, when we first started writing signs back in the 1980's,
before we had so many handshapes to choose from, we used different
contact symbols to show things like that...I was impressed that Themis
used that symbol, when there was no other symbol to choose from...but
you are also correct, that now we have distinct and unique symbols that
do not require such symbols...and that handshape will be included in
the IMWA...

Val ;-)

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