AW: Greek sign name for "Greece"

Wayne Smith wayne at MRLANGUAGE.COM
Sat Feb 28 21:24:00 UTC 2004

Val, Stefan, and List -
     When I was in Greece (Athens) in 2000, I asked just this question and
the sign I was going to submit is the same as what Stefan submitted except
that I remembered that the palm orientation was facing the floor (i.e., both
hands were palm-down).  The reason for the sign is the white cross shape in
the NW corner of the Greek flag.
      - Wayne

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> SignWriting List
> February 28, 2004
> Thank you, Stefan, for the sign for GREECE from Germany.
> Now my question is: Is this the sign they use in Athens, in the Greek
> Deaf Community? I hope someone from Greece will answer this, and give
> us your sign for sure....Many thanks!  Val ;-)


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