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January 8, 2003

Dear SW List, and Hector! Thank you for your question...These are the
names of Michael's children and his wife, I believe, but I would
suggest writing directly to Michael to ask him, as I do not know if he
is on the SW List any longer...All the people are living, in fact, one
child is only around 6 months old, I darling

Michael Turniansky
turnip at

Michael wrote to ask me several technical questions, so that is why I
posted his questions to the List...and I also wanted to share his
SignWriting with you....I think it is great that he wrote the names of
his family in SignWriting and Stokoe notation, don't you think?!

Val ;-)


Hector Devias wrote:

> On Dec 26, 2003, Michael Turniansky posted a message with several
> sign-names. Are those signs for characters from the Hebrew Scriptures
> (Old Testament)?
> Or those sign-names belong to people who live now? I just want to know.
> Thank you.
> Hector Devia
> Colombia

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