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SW List and Michael Turniansky

Thank you for your explanation. I see now ;-)

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Valerie is correct that those are the names of me, my wife and
children.  As Orthodox Jews, though, my children are all named in
Hebrew, so you are also (mostly) correct.  I say mostly, because Rashi
isn't a name from the scriptures, but the name of a famous commentator
who lived in France about 1000 years ago.  Also, Shaindel isn't Hebrew,
but Yiddish, meaning "pretty" (hence the name sign, derived from the ASL
for pretty).  Yitzi full name is Yisrael (Israel) Tzvi ("deer" in
Hebrew), but we call him Yitzi for short.  Baruch ("blessed") does
appear in the Bible, as the secretary of Jeremiah, and Yehuda is Judah,
the son of Jacob  (and in actuality, our Yehuda's first name is named
directly after the Biblical figure, not after a deceased relative, as
the others are) .

   You can see their pictures at my homepage of
                            --Mike Turniansky

Valerie Sutton wrote:

> SignWriting List
> January 8, 2003
> Dear SW List, and Hector! Thank you for your question...These are the
> names of Michael's children and his wife, I believe, but I would
> suggest writing directly to Michael to ask him, as I do not know if he
> is on the SW List any longer...All the people are living, in fact, one
> child is only around 6 months old, I believe...smile....really darling
> kids....
> Michael Turniansky
> turnip at bcpl.net
> Michael wrote to ask me several technical questions, so that is why I
> posted his questions to the List...and I also wanted to share his
> SignWriting with you....I think it is great that he wrote the names of
> his family in SignWriting and Stokoe notation, don't you think?!
> smile....
> Val ;-)
> ....................
> Hector Devias wrote:
>> On Dec 26, 2003, Michael Turniansky posted a message with several
>> sign-names. Are those signs for characters from the Hebrew Scriptures
>> (Old Testament)?
>> Or those sign-names belong to people who live now? I just want to know.
>> Thank you.
>> Hector Devia
>> Colombia

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