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Jerry and Tini,
I am not a deaf person,culturally or otherwise, but I want thank you
from the bottom of my heart for this truly beautiful creation. I am
involved with the children's ministry at the church I attend and this
will make a wonderful visual for them. I am always looking for ways to
spread the word about Sign Writing, this is perfect for referring the
other teachers involved with children's church to, allowing them to see
first hand how beautiful and valuable Sign Writing truly is.

Ciao For Now...

           Suzanne M. Becker

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Dear Valerie and The International Sign Writing List, and Tini Pel are pleased to present  a new Website, the
Sign Writing Song Site, presenting songs interpreted to Sign Writing for
your use and reading and singing pleasure.  Currently, we open the site
with one new page with a song entitled, "This Is The Day", commonly used
in many churches and Sunday Schools throughout the world.  You may view
these pages at:  and

Please enjoy this great song. If you are a deaf person and you see a
correction that is needed, please contact us at:

       mailto:sss at

This file can be downloaded by ftp from the pg1 address above, as

Jerry Spillman

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