10 Basic Dictionary Headers for Everyday ...

Adam Frost seniorafrost at HOTMAIL.COM
Wed Jan 28 00:23:04 UTC 2004

A while back you had posted an email that explained about how a dictionary
was organized. I think that it is a good idea to have an order, or an
"alphabet." I have seen other ASL dictionaries that would do this. Most of
them use the ABC's. Personally, I don't see how either methods will work.
There are a lot of handshapes that will be missed. I have been thinking that
if something like this were to be done, why not have an "ASL alphabet" that
uses all of the basic handshapes the way ASL uses them and not following a
spoken language?
I may have a sample of what I am thinking of soon, but what do you all

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  ! !  /

P.S. I am also working on finding a way to send sgn documents via email so
that I can use ASL to explain myself like you suggested. It was a GOOD Idea!

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