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January 27, 2004

Adam Frost wrote:
> I have been thinking that
> if something like this were to be done, why not have an "ASL alphabet"
> that
> uses all of the basic handshapes the way ASL uses them and not
> following a
> spoken language?I may have a sample of what I am thinking of soon, but
> what do you all
> think? Adam

Hello Adam, and Everyone!
It is great to see that you can post to the SignWriting List again,
Adam. That helps me a lot. I hope you can keep posting. It is fun to
share our ideas and of course I would love your feedback. ...Yes,
sorting dictionaries by signs has been my focus for years now, so I
would love to show you how it works...We can have dictionaries with no
spoken language at all...just signs sorting by signs...But first, let's
download a complete dictionary that is ASL-English, sorted by SSS on
the web. I will teach you how to look up signs based on this document,
which includes all handshapes used in ASL...those ten headers are just
the headers...but all handshapes do fit under them...So I hope you can
download this document and read it with me...smile...

ASL -English Dictionary
Download Document 2 on this page:

I opened the PDF document, and then I created a PNG of the first
page...So attached is the first page...I will explain how to read this
in the next email message....;-)

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