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July 11, 2004

Charles Butler wrote:
> Yes, yes, yes. fabulous Valerie.  I've reviewed all the figures so 
> far, and they are clean.  I hope we can get a clean Libras list from 
> this catalogueing so we are all talking about the same handshapes. 
> Peace, Charles

Hello Charles, and Everyone!
Thank you for your quick response...You certainly downloaded and read 
those PDF documents quickly! Thank you for your feedback. Yes...the 
idea behind all this work is to establish the numbers in the big 
symbolset (the IMWA)...then smaller symbolsets can be chosen, like the 
Libras one you mention...but all the symbols would keep the same 
numbers...whether they are in the big or smaller symbolsets....so the 
symbol numbers will not change once this is finished...

The first thing I must do, as soon as the IMWA is established, is to 
re-number the SSS-US symbolset to match the numbers in the IMWA...so 
the SSS-US is the smaller symbolset for writing ASL...just as the 
SSS-BR will be the smaller symbolset for Brazilian Sign Language etc...

I am still not sure if it is a good or bad idea that software includes 
every symbol in the IMWA, since it is a big symbolset, and not one 
signed language that I know of, uses ALL the symbols...

I am glad to have the chance to document all these symbols though...the 
database will be invaluable when writing new signed languages never 
written before...

Val ;-)

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