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Mon Jul 12 13:28:51 UTC 2004

Throwing this out for discussion.
In going to the PUDL website, I found this sign for "gay" (presumably meaning homosexual).
This looks, to me, like the Hinge Hand (SSS 41), not the "g" hand (Thumb-finger Open hinge (SSS 74) I have seen before.  If it is the "Hinge" hand, then the sign is either lefthanded, or the right hand is really twisted around because of the thicker fingers on the right side of the chin.  
1) Is this the intention of the writer?
2) Is the sign following with a "g" hand more like what they had in mind.
My rendition is below:

Here the "g" hand has the fingers extended toward the chin.  
The reason that I throw this particular sign out is that the sign for "homem" (man) in the Libras dictionary on PUDL uses the Wedge hand with the thicker fingers to the left, as rendered by the right hand.  Switching left and right hands inconsistently was an often-made writing error in my work in Brasil, not so much of the shape, but the orientation by right-handed signers. 

I will be interested in discussion as much of my work in Brasil was editorial.
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