[sw-l] Attaching Graphics to SignWriting List email

Valerie Sutton sutton at signwriting.org
Mon Jul 12 14:37:42 UTC 2004

SignWriting List
July 12, 2004

Paul Cowley wrote:
> It seems several folks are questioning the ability of the new 
> Majordomo Server to handle graphics.  I am simply checking the 
> situation.  For those who want to peek, this is a jpg of me.

Hello Paul!
Great to see your smiling face...And it appears we can post graphics. 
Many thanks for the test!

Regarding the posting of graphics...generally we should only post one 
graphic or photo at a time...one per email message. Yesterday we had a 
problem with a bounced message that involved several photos attached to 
one message...so if we want to post three photos, it is best to post 
three separate email messages with one photo at a time...Why? Because 
posting to a List is not the same as posting to someone privately...

Paul...are there memory restrictions on graphics posted to the 
SignWriting List? Just curious as to why the muliple photos bounced 
when posted to the List...I can imagine it would overwhelm the 
management software that runs the List?....Val ;-)

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