[sw-l] Attaching Graphics to SignWriting List email

Deaf Action Committee dac at signwriting.org
Mon Jul 12 15:03:58 UTC 2004

SignWriting List
July 12, 2004

Dear SignWriting List Members:
Posting graphics is an important part of the SignWriting List 
experience...At the moment, the only way we can post a message in 
SignWriting is to attach the SignWriting as a graphic to an email 
message. So do not hesitate to post graphics...The fewer words, and the 
more graphics we post...the better it is for learning to read and write 
signed languages! Here are some guidelines:


You are welcome to write messages in any spoken or signed languages!

The SignWriting List accepts attached files. This makes it possible to 
send email messages written in any signed language. Attached files can 
also be used to teach SignWriting symbols, or to share photos of 
students using SignWriting.

Attachments should NOT be compressed, and should not be more than 150 K 
on average (very small uncompressed files).  Attach only ONE graphic to 
one email message at a time.

To view graphics, you will need to be in REGULAR MAIL MODE. 
Unfortunately, attached files cannot be viewed in DIGEST MODE.

Graphics formats accepted are: .GIF, .JPEG, .PDF, .PNG, .SGN, .DIC-.DIN 
and .SWML.

If you need to post another kind of format, then send that file to me 
privately, and I will be happy to convert it for you, and then post it 
to the SignWriting List, or on the web...

We look forward to reading your messages on the SignWriting List!

Val ;-)

Valerie Sutton
Sutton at SignWriting.org

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