[sw-l] Re: sw-l-digest V1 #7

Cherie Wren cwterp at YAHOO.COM
Mon Jul 12 19:19:04 UTC 2004

Yes, with the old system I got the graphics fine, and
no line after line after line of code.


[[]Date: Mon, 12 Jul 2004 11:32:32 -0700
From: Deaf Action Committee <dac at signwriting.org>
Subject: [sw-l] Viewing graphics inside DIGEST mode?

SignWriting List
July 12, 2004

Hello Cherie!
I have no clue as to why, but let's ask Paul
Cowley...Plus, I thought that was always true with
DIGEST...You mean that before you could get DIGEST and
actually see the visual diagrams? I didn't know that
was possible before. I bet there are certain settings
that makes this possible, and if so, that is wondeful
news. So thanks for bringing this up....Paul...Can we
view graphics files or attached files in DIGEST
format?....Val ;-)]]]

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