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Mon Jul 12 19:59:33 UTC 2004

Zachery  aspire_to_inspire-owner at yahoogroups.com
dear Val, this is Ann Cunningham and even though I don't participate in your 
list I do watch to see how active your group is.  I would love to spend more 
time with ASL but the truth is I am so absorbed with tactile graphics and 
publishing a book with them that I just don't have the time or resources now.  I 
will be glad when I learn enough about the publishing that I can get back to the 
study of ASL and signwriting.  
    I just wanted to pass along some information that maybe old news or of no 
interest but just on the chance that it is some connections that you might 
both benefit by, here goes.  
Zachery in New York is a kid who is on fire with ideas and the ability to 
organize people.  He is interested in Deaf Art and in my mind anyone interested 
in Deaf Art should know about signwriting, the ability to communicate in the 
native language cannot be overstated especially in the area of the arts.  
    Another connection I could make for you is a person with a new publishing 
company who is adding sign language to her materials but not sign writing.  
Would you care to contact her or is that something you are not pursuing?  If 
you are please let me know and I will find her contact info.  All my best to you 
and your community.  Sincerely, Ann

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