[sw-l] Sign Puddle: single language version of PUDL's dictionary

Valerie Sutton sutton at SIGNWRITING.ORG
Thu Jul 22 20:17:57 UTC 2004

SignWriting List
July 22, 2004

DeafVision Support Team wrote:
> Yes, PHP is not a problem.  I don't think it's currently installed on
> your DVS but we can install it for you at no charge.  The only thing
> to be aware of is that some PHP scripts are a security risk on your
> server.  Make sure you backup your files regularly. We will get that
> set up on your server within the next 24 hours....

Turns out I have free PHP service on our DeafVision account, which
means that I could host the PUDL or SignPuddle sites for free...I have
already paid in advance for one year to DeafVision, and I have the
memory to do this too....so I could post PHP in 24 hours on DeafVision,
without using my Apache server...the costs will be the same either

I am new to PHP, so why would there be a security risk I wonder?

So in a few weeks, I predict that SignPuddle will be available
somewhere on a SignWriting site, and I will announce it to the List,
when we have a new url....

Val ;-)

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