[sw-l] How do you use PUDL site?

Valerie Sutton sutton at SIGNWRITING.ORG
Mon Jul 26 00:34:42 UTC 2004

SignWriting List
July 25, 2004

Adam Frost wrote:
> "How did you put face and sign signwritng on email?" I used the PUDL
> website. (http://www.pudl.info/dictionary/html.php) Here you can get a
> face and sign in signwriting in HTML. Copy the line and put it into
> your email.

Adam - Can you explain this to me better? I do not get what you get...I
do it in a different way on PUDL, so let me ask you some questions...I
went to this web page as you said:

> http://www.pudl.info/dictionary/html.php

Then, I typed in some English in the text box...please see attached
diagram. If I press PREVIEW, it gives me SignWriting. But if I press
GENERATE, it gives me a huge huge paragraph of html code that frightens
me! By what you say above, that is not what is happening to
you...right? Can you give me an attached graphic of how you do it?

This is important because PUDL will become SignBank.org soon and I need
to understand how you are using PUDL...

Please see attached...

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