AW: [sw-l] hello!

Tue Jul 27 15:40:05 UTC 2004


  Thanks for the message!

> first of all thanks Valerie for your message about your 5-pages paper
> about
> SW-edit.

  Yes, Valerie is doing a great job on it!

> This morning I worked several hours with SW-edit -

  Thanks for your interest in it!

> many of it's functions can be found just by trial and error

  Yes, we tried to build the interface the most intuitive we could...

> - ups - my
> last
> error caused to delete my new established dictionary with almost 25
> entries.

  ... but sure it is not perfect :-)

> I am still in the phase to find out whether I
> already can use this program as standard-tool for my tasks at school.

  That would be great. Of course the program is still at a coarse beta
version stage (although we called it version 1.1 :-), but we will feel
honored if some day it happens that you adopt it in your school,
precisely because the program was designed having children in mind.

> I guess that there are several features the Brazilian Team is still trying
> to
> improve ??

  Sure, but we are mainly concerned with removing the bugs :-(

> I am afraid that I cannot take advantage of my old SW4.4 dictionaries---
> Is
> that correct?

  Unfortunately, at the current version, you can't. If we succeed to push
the implementation a little bit further, by the end of the year, the
plan is to introduce an "Import SW4.4 file" in SW-Edit.

> I saw that I can save a .bmp graphic of every entry. This would lead to a
> list of graphics in an alphabetical order.
> I found out that I only will find a sign in my new Dictionary if the
> spelling of my search is the same as the entry in the dictionary.
> My question: Is there any other possibility to browse through the
> dictionary
> (like in the good old DOS  SW 4.4 -program?)

  No, unfortunately the dictionary is the most incomplete and buggy part
of the program. It will work the expected way, including some additional
search procedures not present in SW4.4, but they are not there at the
current version :-( Sorry for that!

  Thanks again for your interest!

  All the best,

  Antônio Carlos

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