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Wed Mar 3 06:55:01 UTC 2004

Dear SW List,

It has been about two months since you all last heard from me  o  our children
were sick and there were a lot of other things coming up. I kept reading all
the posts and it was very interesting to follow the different subjects (I
especially enjoyed your input Stuart about Manually Coded Languages and the
whole discussion on how to spell  ÿÿ race l  and the gender difference in Irish
Signlanguage was something I never thought even existed, but  o  it makes so
much sense! It is easy to see why it would happen.)  o  So, even though you
have not heard from me, we are still very much interested in SW and are also
still working on our FSL (Filipino SL) dictionary (at least the signs from
our area, we are already aware of at least three major dialects, maybe
different SLs?).

Just recently I wanted to make a back-up for my computer, but: how do I do
this for SW-Dos? This might be a silly question but somehow I could not
figure out how to do that. We have 3 computers in a network (1 is my laptop
where I make all the entries for the SW dictionaries, one is my husbands
desktop  o  has much more memory than the laptop and also a CD writer which we
want to use for the back-ups and the third one we just got today. This is an
old desktop, but DOS runs fine, we would like this to be for the Deaf that
are working with us, so they can practice SW and then later help me making
the entries for the dictionary etc.) So: how do I make a backup CD from what
is on the laptop, so that I can also use it on the other two computers or
when we travel and don ª²  take our computers with us???

Thanks for all your help and encouragement, just seeing the different issues
that come up on the list makes us enjoy our work even more, because we see
that there are other people out there who are concerned about similar things

Greetings from the Philippines,
Nana Dumitra
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