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March 3, 2004

Nana Dumitra wrote:
> Just recently I wanted to make a back-up for my computer, but: how do 
> I do this for SW-Dos? This might be a silly question but somehow I 
> could not figure out how to do that. We have 3 computers in a network 
> (1 is my laptop where I make all the entries for the SW dictionaries, 
> one is my husbands desktop – has much more memory than the laptop and 
> also a CD writer which we want to use for the back-ups and the third 
> one we just got today. This is an old desktop, but DOS runs fine, we 
> would like this to be for the Deaf that are working with us, so they 
> can practice SW and then later help me making the entries for the 
> dictionary etc.) So: how do I make a backup CD from what is on the 
> laptop, so that I can also use it on the other two computers or when 
> we travel and don’t take our computers with us???

Dear SW List, and Nana in the Philippines!

Regarding backing up SignWriter DOS...

I can see, Nana, that you have several computers, and the laptop is not 
necessarily connected to your other computers in the network? Every 
computer system is different, but generally, backing up SignWriter 
should be pretty easy, if all your SignWriter DOS files are in ONE 
folder. Then, if your computer can write a CD (CD burner), then insert 
the CD and copy the SignWriter DOS folder over to the CD and then burn 
the CD.

If your computer cannot burn a CD, but is connected to a network of 
other computers that can, then you can use the more sophisticated 
computer in the network to access the older computer to copy the 
SignWriter DOS folder onto a CD...

Another idea is to make a different kind of backup...namely....create a 
copy of the SignWriter DOS folder onto your other computers' hard 
drives for safe keeping...that way you can always access the copies 
elsewhere, if something is lost...

More questions? Write again!

Val ;-)

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