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Valerie Sutton sutton at SIGNWRITING.ORG
Thu Mar 4 21:23:46 UTC 2004

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March 4, 2004

Stephen Slevinski wrote:
> I misunderstood the open and closed circles and how they relate to
> finger
> movement.  I was confused by page 88 in the Lessons in SignWriting
> Textbook.
> I thought multiple circles represented multiple joints, not multiple
> repetitions.
> So if I understand this correctly now...
> - One open circle means the joints open once.  This is how I sign
> "understand".
> - Two open circles means the joints open twice.  This is how I sign
> "11".


Hello Everyone, and Stephen!
Good. I am glad you joined the List and started showing us your work. I
would like to purchase some of your cards, and donate them to the
Albuquerque Deaf kids, but before I do that, we need to make sure the
numbers are correct...

Yes. Two dots mean two openings of the middle joint of the finger. One
dot means one opening of the middle joint. Like are

Read these pages, and then later I can give you more attention...

On the web, this is page 88 in the textbook:

Continue reading until page 90 in the textbook....the sign for
UNDERSTAND is on page 89 I believe...

Talk to you all later!

Val ;-)

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