ASL Numbers for SignWriting Playing Cards

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Sorry my last message bounced.

Here is one line from my work in Brazil with Marianne Stumpf.  For a few signs which show a hand slowly closing up (a finger at a time) we have used both the close button and the open button.  The close button is put at the finger that starts the motion (little finger) and the open button at the finger that finishes the closing (index finger) with a smooth motion between them.  This reduces the number of handshapes you need to draw and enables you to show combinations of movements quickly.

See attached gif for what I mean.  I also have sample pages of our Libras/Portuguese dictionary but they are in jpg and cannot be attached to these pages (they average 600k each).

Stephen Slevinski <slevin at PUDL.INFO> wrote:
Ah ha!

I misunderstood the open and closed circles and how they relate to finger
movement. I was confused by page 88 in the Lessons in SignWriting Textbook.
I thought multiple circles represented multiple joints, not multiple

So if I understand this correctly now...
- One open circle means the joints open once. This is how I sign
- Two open circles means the joints open twice. This is how I sign "11".

Could an open circle and a closed circle ever be used on the same hand for
the same sign? I guess this would be possible, but never on the same

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