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Valerie Sutton sutton at SIGNWRITING.ORG
Sun Mar 7 23:41:09 UTC 2004

SignWriting List
March 7, 2004

On Mar 7, 2004 Stephen Slevinski wrote:
> PUDL's Open Dictionary is now accepting definitions and sources will  
> all new signs....

Dear SW List, and Stephen:

Regarding GIFs and PNGs of signs captured from the ASL dictionary in  
SignWriter Java...I have now posted two zipped folders:

250 Signs (PNGs) for a Children's Picture Dictionary in ASL

680 Signs (GIFs) for a central ASL Dictionary

Download these and add them to your dictionary! I do not have the time  
myself, to add them myself, but they are there for anyone who needs  
them ;-)

I bet your dictionary will become popular, Stephen! Have other members  
of the SignWriting List tried to add some of your signs to Stephen's  

Go to:

Val ;-)


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