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Charles Butler chazzer3332000 at YAHOO.COM
Thu Mar 11 03:13:23 UTC 2004

I don't know if you would consider it, but your adding process is so easy to use, having a template for other signed languages, such as Libras, being entered in the same process, would help a lot.  Since you have opened up your effort for ASL, is there a way to create a parallel database for Libras, UK, etc.?  It would give the multilinguistic community a way to upload quickly.  I am not sure what Valerie is doing, but what you are doing is so simple to use for now, it's great.  I'm sure that her effort will read both directions, from spoken language to signed language, and, indexed by SSS, from sign language to spoken language.

Charles Butler

Stuart Thiessen <smt_sw at EARTHLINK.NET> wrote:
Why not simply put a field for sign language and then signs can be
naturally segregated by sign language? Then the user can choose which
sign language they are looking at for the signs.



On Mar 10, 2004, at 9:22 AM, Stephen Slevinski wrote:

> Hi Val,
> I have changed the search page so that it displays the entire
> dictionary
> when the page is first loaded. I think this may clear up the
> confusion.
> I have also added credit to SignWriter Java and SignBank for the
> existing
> signs. I was able to link to SW Java and SignBank in the source field.
> Works well I think.
> sign=attention&search=a&type=star
> t
> Three signs have been added to the dictionary by other people.
> 2 from the Deaf Pagan Network: witch and Goddess.
> 1 from "Porto Alegre, Rio Grande de Sul, Associacao Surdo de Pelotas":
> mundo. However, I will probably delete mundo. It's great that
> someone is
> willing to add to the dictionary. But this is an ASL only dictionary.
> I think I will need to set up some type of voting system for people to
> comment on new and existing signs.
> -Stephen Slevinski
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