Punctuation Symbol available for word to sign

Stephen Slevinski slevin at PUDL.INFO
Tue Mar 16 19:05:55 UTC 2004

Hey Val,

I have switched the build section to the top.

What is the graphic for the exclamation point?  I didn't find it.

And you didn't mention the best feature.  You can add to the sentence by
click on the search results.  This is a great help when a sign has a lot of

Lets say that you wanted to use "help" in a sentence.  If you use the word
"help"  you will get version 1.  If you user "help_2" you will get version
2.  If you don't know what version to use, you can search for "help" with
the search section.  Click on "help" in the search results.  Then click
"Add" next to the version that you want, and that version will be added to
the sentence automatically.

The 3030 signs is a combination of 3025 ASL signs, 1 Libras sign, and 4
punctuation signs.  The 3025 ASL signs do contain duplicates, such as "mail"
and "letter".

=Stephen Slevinski

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March 15, 2004

Stephen Slevinski wrote:
> I've added the punctuation for the comma, colon, period, and question
> mark.
> If you use the build section on the dictionary, you can use the actual
> symbols .,:? and it will be replaced with the appropriate graphic.
> www.pudl.info/dictionary/searchPlus.php

Dear SW List and Stephen -
You never cease to amaze me! Congratulations on 3030 entries! Are those
a mixture of ASL and Libras signs, or are they only ASL?...

And now I would like to ask members of our List to go to the web page
mentioned above, and try to build a sign-sentence. Here are
instructions....Please see my attached diagram. See the red numbers in
the diagram. First, you type the sentence in English gloss. Second,
push the Build button. Third, the sentence in SignWriting appears!

It is really one of the best features I have ever seen on the web -
very clever!

May I ask, could you put number 1, at the top of the screen rather than
at the bottom?...the building of the sentence should be the first
thing, not the last, because scrolling is annoying and if a person has
their screen set to 600 by 800, then they may not even see the place
where they should type the sentence...Just a thought...The punctuation
is wonderful...that really works amazingly well and the only one I miss
is the Exclamation Point, which we really use a lot......You have
slaved for us for so many days...Thank you!

.....Tomorrow I will be showing your site to a group of 12 teachers in
Albuquerque, New Mexico...I will be teaching through a conference
call....smile...Val ;-)

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