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Valerie Sutton sutton at SIGNWRITING.ORG
Wed Mar 17 20:44:15 UTC 2004

SignWriting List
March 17, 2004

Dear SW List, Mohamed, Stephen, everyone -
I have a meeting in the next hour and I am scrambling to get prepared
for it. I am sorry to keep everyone waiting all the time...

Hopefully I can focus again tonight on your postings...There are
exactly five symbol-sets total in the entire writing system, and I need
to explain these to you and develop a links page for you and I don't
have that yet...but I will make one for you later...

The symbolsets are:

1. SSS-1995 ...SignWriter DOS symbols...

2. SSS-1999 ...SignWriter Java symbols...

3. SSS-2002 ...SignBank 2002 symbols...
You can access this on a web database right now at

4. SSS-US........SignBank 2004 For Everyday Use
The SSS-US is an attempt to specify the symbols needed to write one
signed language...ASL. It is a simplified symbol set. I suggest you use
this. But I do not have all the GIFs bundled for you yet...
You can download a PDF document listing the BaseSymbols for the SSS-US
right now (see below), and then go into the SSS-2002 web database and
grab the symbols you you are in a rush.


5. SSS-2004....SignBank 2004 For Research Use
The SSS-2004 is still under construction and will be the International
Movement Writing Alphabet, including all symbols for writing mime,
gesture, dance, sports and any human or animal movement. So it is the
final and largest symbol set, a little like the International Phonetic
Alphabet for spoken languages. I am now shooting for May 1st on the
SSS-2004. This will be useful for the SignWriting Software Development
Conference in Lisbon, Portugal on May 30th, as I will have it in a
web-database as well as a downloadable Runtime etc...This should be
useful for human animation projects or anyone writing general

Will you be attending the Lisbon conference, Stephen? smile...Portugal
is a beautiful country! I know...I was there in 1975 and the beaches
are beautiful in neighboring Estoril...


On Mar 17, 2004, at 3:01 PM, Stephen Slevinski wrote:

> Hi All,
> Sorry to bother, but I'm looking into the SSS.  On
> I
> found the SSS-US Gifs in groups, but that doesn't seem to have all of
> the
> symbols.
> I guess I have three questions.  First, what version of the SSS would
> be the
> best to use?  Second, where can I find the individual graphics online?
>  And
> third, how does the SSS change for different sign languages?
> I am very excited.  I've been playing around, and it should soon be
> possible
> to design new signs online with PUDL and then create the sign in PUDL's
> dictionary automatically.  That way, anyone who is motivated and knows
> SignWriting can visit PUDL and improve the dictionary, quick and easy.
> -Stephen Slevinski

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