Research on Effectivness of SignWriting?

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March 17, 2004

Mohamed Mahmod, from Jordan, wrote:
> Hi Val and list......Have you any reseach abut effectivness of
> wsignwriting ,....please!!!!
> thanks.....mohamed

Dear SW List and Mohamed!
Great to hear from you again. And thank you, Mohamed, for giving us
your Arabic research files on your Deaf students learning SignWriting
in Saudi Arabia a few years ago... I am planning to post all of them as
soon as I can...meanwhile, we still have your section on the web:

SignWriting in the Arabic Nations

To answer your question...There are several new developments....Let me
start with one dissertation you may already know about....

1. Dr. Cecilia Flood, from the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque,
completed her dissertation on Deaf children using SignWriting. Dr.
Flood did not do a statistical study. Instead, she studied the feelings
of the children.... about themselves, their deafness and their signed
language, and how they felt about learning to read and write English
before and after learning SignWriting. The results were positive in
SignWriting's favor, showing that the children had a better
self-esteem, and were proud of their own signed language because they
could write it, and they seemed more inspired to learn English, because
SignWriting stimulated their interest in reading and writing in
general. The students were interviewed as to their opinions of
SignWriting and there was no question about the fact, that they liked
it and wanted to continue using it...

To read Dr. Flood's dissertation...Chapter Three is on the web for
download. Click on this link:

Chapter 3

You can also order the full published dissertation in book form, from
the University too...I will post that information in the next email
message ....

Val ;-)

Valerie Sutton
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