PUDL: Graphs with 40 Group Symbols...tiers of visual choices...

Stephen Slevinski slevin at PUDL.INFO
Mon Mar 22 19:51:10 UTC 2004

Hi Val,

I thought that might be confusing when I created it.

The image is the square directly under the text.  It does not contain any
symbols yet, so it is blank.  Where you click, the symbol will be centered.
After you place the first symbol, the image will look more like an image and
the description should make more sense.

-Stephen Slevinski

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March 22, 2004

Stephen - please see attached...It says "Click on the graphic
above"...Is there supposed to be a graphic there? or do you mean to
click on the word Index and then click on display? That is the only way
I could get a graphic that I could figure out...And then you say click
image for placement at the top, but there is no image there...I wonder
if my browser is not displaying things correctly?  I can check it in
different browsers... Val ;-)

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