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Tue Mar 23 14:17:07 UTC 2004

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March 23, 2004

Stephen Slevinski wrote:
> I could make a series of special exceptions so that we match; however,
> I
> would have to make the changes for each and every SSS.  The
> differences will
> not cause any problems, so I do not plan any changes.

Dear SW List, and Stephen -
Have you downloaded the SymbolBank database, which is free to use, and
does not require FileMaker? There you will see that we
specially-programmed which symbols will be the BaseSymbols and which
symbols will be the Group-BaseSymbols, so that this would become a
world-standard in time. I admit that this is a small detail, and
whatever you choose to do is fine with me...You have done sooo much

Take a look at the attached diagram, which is a snapshot of the
SymbolBank database, which is a part of SignBank...See the little
check-boxes....one for BaseSymbol and a second one for

We used to use the first symbol in the group too, automatically, which
is much easier for the programmer, but our users found some of those
representative symbols hard to read. I got complaints. So I asked our
FileMaker programmer to program those checkboxes into SymbolBank, so I
could choose what the BaseSymbol and Group-BaseSymbols will be. The
Group BaseSymbols are the automatic headers in dictionaries sorted by
SSS...but we can talk about that later...

Anyway, you can download SignBank Runtime (with the SymbolBank database
inside) on these web pages...




Once you download, the password is 54321.

Once you enter SymbolBank, you can do a search on the BaseSymbol
checkbox, to find all the BaseSymbols...you will find exactly 200 for
the SSS-US, and then you can print those out in different
formats...same for the Group BaseSymbols or any other field...

There is a lot of data not yet entered into SymbolBank, such as
illustrations for each handshape etc, but in time it will be complete
and I hope a good source for programmers...We have a web version of
SymbolBank, which will be improved soon with the BaseSymbol check
boxes, but there is nothing like running SignBank and SymbolBank on
your own computer desktop...

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