PUDL: Graphs with 40 Group Symbols...tiers of visual choices...

Valerie Sutton sutton at SIGNWRITING.ORG
Tue Mar 23 14:52:54 UTC 2004

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March 23, 2004

Hello Everyone!
I know we have taken a lot of time looking at the PUDL site, and it has
been a pleasure! We are close to moving on to a new era, where these
wonderful features will become a part of our daily lives using
SignWriting on the web...thanks to the hard work and unending patience
of PUDL!

Let me make two last comments, and then I will stop and go on to other

The SSS-US is supposed to be a subset of the larger SSS-2004. The
SSS-2004 has around 28,000 symbols...It is huge. But my goal was to
keep the same numbers for all symbols for both the SSS-US and the
SSS-2004...So that is why there are some holes in the numbering for the
SSS-US...This way, the symbols will always be numbered the same from
now on, and we can refer to the symbols by number...whether we are
talking about a subset, or the entire SSS-2004.

The result of this, created a funny little problem for the SSS-US.
There are a couple of Group BaseSymbols that do not start with 001-01.
There are several that start with 001-02...namely a variation. Why?
Because the 001-01 of those symbols are in the big SSS-2004, but are
not needed to write ASL...smile...

So take a look at the attached diagram...The first ten Group
BaseSymbols are the numbers 1-10 in ASL, and people have memorized this
because they are the numbers 1-10. Groups 6 and 7 need to take the
first symbol in the group, not the second one...but this may have
happened because they are 001-02 rather than the expected 001-01...

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