Searching Signwriting Signs demo

Steven Aerts steven.aerts at UA.AC.BE
Tue Mar 23 17:53:33 UTC 2004

Dear list,

as most you know we are busy developing an online dictionary.  A special part
of our effort has been put into making signwriging signs searchable.

We would like to ask you wether you could share your experiences in the usage
of the system.  Does the "searching on signs" return what you are looking for
and are the results properly ordered according to their relevance?

We have two versions of the system:
A Dutch one:
One filled with the ASL Dictionary (slower server):

As most of you probably don't understand Dutch here are some basic
"Zoeken op gebaar":             Searching on Signs
"Zoeken op naam":               Searching on Words
"Zoek":                                 Search
"Handen":                               Hands
"Aanrakingen":                  Touches
"Verwijderen":                  Remove
"Toevoegen":                    Add
"Vorige":                                       Previous
"Volgende":                             Next

All suggestions are welcome

Hope you like it,

        Bart & Steven

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