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Bill Reese wreese01 at TAMPABAY.RR.COM
Fri Mar 26 16:49:10 UTC 2004

That makes me wonder if there could be a general sign showing the
handshape used in this and then another symbol that essentially means
"point to object" which is directionless.


Valerie Sutton wrote:

> SignWriting List
> March 26, 2004
> Hello Everyone, Bill and Nikos!
> Bill is correct. There are many forms of the sign THIS...The signs are
> directional. If you are pointing to an object that is high up, the
> pointing would be high up, towards the object you are talking
> about...So there are as many forms of THIS, as there are directions in
> the room, and SignWriting can write them all visually, just as they
> are signed.
> This is a classic example why dictionaries are never perfect...To
> include all the forms of THIS or HERE in a dictionary, you would need
> around 25 or 30 entries, like the verb conjugation of
> The magnificent beauty of signed languages, is that they incorporate
> the visual reality of our world, in such a concise and perfect way. In
> a spoken language, you would have to write a paragraph explaining that
> the THIS you are referring to, is something high on the corner of the
> ceiling, but in a signed language, one sign takes care of a whole
> paragraph!
> Val ;-)
> --------------------------
> On Mar 26, 2004, at 6:23 AM, Bill Reese wrote:
>>  Nikos,
>>  Actually, in that video dictionary, it looks like they are pointing
>> diagonally and specifically to an object.  ®r  When there is no object
>> to point to, I usually either point to the open palm of my other hand
>> usuing a double movement parallel to the wall plane, or just make the
>> same movement but without the palm.  ®r  That's exactly the same as
>> what's in the PUDL dictionary.  ®r  I would suspect that there may be
>> different "dialects" for "this" as my ASL hardcopy dictionary defines
>> "this" as "that", using a "Y" hand and moving it palm down in a
>> double movement parallel to the wall plane making contact with the
>> open, upturned palm of the non-dominant hand.
>>  Bill
>>  Nikos Grammalidis wrote:
>> Dear All,
>>   ®r  /div>
>>  We would like some help with the interpretation of "this" sign which
>> is expressed by the following graphic according to the
>> PUDL dictionary:
>> <image.tiff>  ®r  /div>
>>  Since the double stemmed arrows denote motion - O{]  arallel to - b·  he
>> wall plane, we cannot understand
>> the corresponding video from the ASL video dictionary
>>   ®r  /div>
>>   ®r  /div>
>>  where the movement is - O{]  arallel to the - O{]  loor plane.
>> Can somebody explain this to us?
>>   ®r  /div>
>>  Thanks in advance,
>> Nikos Grammalidis.
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