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March 26, 2004

On Mar 26, 2004, at 2:42 AM, Nikos Grammalidis wrote:
> We are first trying to support STATIC facial expressions, which can be 
> described by just one FAP frame (no dynamic information, i.e. MOTION): 
> QUESTION....1)the dynamic symbol which represents the tense movement 
> (what exactly means tense movement?)....

Dear SW List and Nikos in Greece -
I am answering these questions to the SignWriting List, so that others 
can benefit...The Tense Symbol is a Dynamics Symbol, and is applied to 
different kinds of motion...including positions of the face...

The attached diagram shows cheeks filled with air, cheeks not filled 
with air, sucking in of the cheeks, and the bottom three lines are all 
Tense Cheeks...at different levels of the muscles of the cheeks and 

Not everyone can accomplish such facial expressions, but some people 
can...Imagine a person tensing the muscles of the cheeks high on the 
cheek bone...Then imagine the tension of the cheek muscles below that, 
etc...There are some facial expressions that really do harness the 
ability to tense those cheek muscles...These symbols are rarely used 
and may not be that important to your research, though...They are very 
subtle, and are more a "feeling" to the signer, rather than something 
the reader grasps...the reader sees it as a whole, and there is feeling 
there too, but it is hidden within the entire facial expression, which 
most likely has more than just tense cheeks...

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