Belgium: Handshape symbols used for searching...

Steven Aerts steven.aerts at UA.AC.BE
Fri Mar 26 19:20:26 UTC 2004

Op vrijdag 26 maart 2004 19:53, schreef Valerie Sutton:
> Actually I never tried it in Netscape before. I was using Internet
> Explorer...So the problem was with Internet Explorer... Here is a
> summary...I just tested it in Safari (web browser for the Macintosh),
> Internet Explorer on the Mac and Netscape on the Mac...
That's great.  I will try to figure out (on thuesday) what the problem might

> I love Opera, but I don't have a copy of that browser on my computer at
> this time...I can test Internet Explorer on Windows if you want, but I
> have to start Virtual PC and will get back to you -
Don't do it.  I know it works for opera.

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