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Valerie Sutton sutton at SIGNWRITING.ORG
Sat Mar 27 16:06:10 UTC 2004

SignWriting List
March 27, 2004

Ingvild Roald in Norway wrote:
> Yes, it is. But I think that even if English, as Norwegian, has the 'I'
> first in this sentence, it should not be so in the dictionary. The
> look-up
> word should be 'help'. And wes should strive to write the English (or
> Norwegian ) correctly, exept when glossing. Thus, in my oponion, the
> name
> of this sign should be HELP_I_help_you. Then the logic of looking these
> signs up would be main sign - subject - object.

Dear SW List, and Ingvild...Stephen...
Yes. That was what I suggested...the look-up word was HELP, and the
definition that I thought was correct was ...I help you...

But based on the way ASL glosses are done, it apparently is supposed to
be...Me help you...

I have never understood ASL glossing well, and that is the problem with
the voting system, because when I cast my vote, I was casting it from a
lack of knowledge of what ASL glossing is supposed to be...

So the PUDL system is based on knowing how to do ASL glosses well...and
then good SignWriting is generated...a very interesting way to do

If I knew ASL glossing well, I would be happy to add lots of
definitions to the PUDL dictionary, which generates the definitions
from ASL glosses to SignWriting.

Stephen...What happens if there is more than one sign, that represents
a gloss? Which one do you choose?

And perhaps someone could answer a question for me, about ASL

Doesn't the ASL sign for ME also mean I? There is no other sign for "I"
in true ASL, except an initialized sign from Signed English or SEE that
places the I handshape on the chest...but that is not ASL, is

This is getting into language, and that is not my job.... I just have
symbols to write it, and as a hearing person I am still learning all
this...So I must leave this to all of you to decide...

I know your job must seem overwhelming, Stephen, but in time this will
settle down, and our dictionaries will start to grow and grow...

Val ;-)

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