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March 26, 2004

Nikos Grammalidis from Greece wrote:
> 2) Please try to explain to us the meaning (i.e. what parts of the
> face move and how).....
>  -eyegaze back (and back-diagonal)

Dear SW List, and Nikos!
Please see attached diagram...the column to the left is eyegaze
parallel with the front wall...The double stemmed arrows mean movement
that is up, up-diagonal, side, down-diagonal, down, etc...So the
eyeballs are directed up, up-diagonal and so forth...

The column to the right (in the diagram) is eyegaze forward...single
stemmed arrows mean movement that is parallel with the floor....

These Eyegaze symbols are not just used for Expressive Viewpoint...They
are also used in the Receptive Viewpoint...When a person faces the
reader, as if standing on a stage, and looking out at the
audience...that is the Receptive Viewpoint...and these same symbols are
used, but reversed...

So, in the Expressive View, when the single arrows are pointing up on
the page...That really means eyegaze forward...so looking at the
diagram in the right-column, from the Expressive view we have eyegaze
forward, forward-diagonal, side, back-diagonal. What does back-diagonal
mean? Can you gaze behind your head? Not completely, but partially, and
back-diagonal is eyegaze that is trying to see behind your head, but
can't, and so it is looking at the back corner...the farthest the
eyeballs can see back behind...

The fifth one (straight back), cannot exist in the Expressive View.

Meanwhile, the exact same symbols can be used in the Receptive View,
and when the reader is facing the signer, suddenly what was forward
before, becomes back in the Receptive. So the fifth symbol down is
forward eyegaze in the Receptive, and everything reverses from the

I know you are animating using SignWriting. Is your figure facing the
reader? If so, then you will probably be using SignWriting in the
Receptive view? Or perhaps not...anyway...SignWriting can be written
from any viewpoint, including facing the side wall...Val ;-)

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