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March 27, 2004

Nikos Grammalidis wrote:
> 2) Please try to explain to us the meaning (i.e. what parts of the 
> face move and how) in the following facial expressions -contact tip of 
> nose (does the fingertip touch the tip of nose or what?)

Dear SW List, and Nikos!
Please see attached diagram...Top row, reading from left to 
right....Nose, Contact-Nose, Wrinkled Nose, and Wiggling Nose...The 
bottom row from left to right...Air out of mouth, Air into mouth, 
Exhale, Inhale.

What is Contact-Nose? It could be written as two separate symbols...the 
Nose and a Touch Contact Star, but because contacting the nose happens 
frequently in signed languages, we started to make that combination 
into ONE symbol...

The nose is contacted in ASL in a variety of ways...the fingers can 
touch the nose, the palm of the hand, even the arm can touch the nose 
occasionally...so there are a variety of signs that use that symbol.... 
Val ;-)

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