Learning to touch type with SignWriter

Stephen Slevinski slevin at PUDL.INFO
Mon Mar 29 04:27:22 UTC 2004

>The keystrokes for typing SignWriting are very interesting and I bet if
>any of you could come to my home in La Jolla, California, and take a
>SignWriter typing skills class with me, you too would become faster at
>typing SignWriting directly.

When I learned to touch type, I used a book that was just a series of
drills.  I would type
a aa aaa a aa aaa s ss sss s ss sss d dd ddd d dd ddd f ff fff
aj ak al a; aj ak al a; sj sk sl s; sj sk sl s;

It was a big book, but when I was done I was able to touch type.

The same type of drill book for SignWriter would be very interesting.  Is
this what your class is like?

Anyone have any thought on creating a book like this?  It would be a
tremendous resource.


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