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March 30, 2004

Louis-Félix Bergeron from French-Canada wrote:
> I ª>  Louis-Felix Bergeron, a hearing person living in Montreal, Quebec
> (Canada). I ª>  a master degree student in linguistics at the 
> Universite
> du Quebec a Montreal. Before I started to learn Quebec Sign Language
> (LSQ) in fall 1997, I knew nothing about deafness (with small or 
> capital
> D) and sign languages. In fact, I have a prelingual deaf grand-aunt
> married to a deaf man, but I had very few contacts with them before
> recently. In fall 1997, while I was a literature student at the same
> university, I started to learn LSQ "just for fun". I fell in love with
> this language (and, few weeks later, with a Deaf woman e   and I just
> wanted to know everything about it, about deafness (mostly Deafness),
> deaf history, deaf culture e  name it. In 1999, I became a LSQ-French
> interpreter and I worked about four years in college and university
> interpretation for the Deaf.

Hello Everyone, and Louis-Félix!
Thank you for your introduction and welcome to the SignWriting List! I 
am so happy to hear from you. I remember that in October, 2003, your 
university ordered our Lessons in SignWriting CD-ROM and also the 
SignWriter Computer Program, and you became a SignWriting member too. 
Did you receive your materials, and are you using them? smile....

Did you know that because you are a SignWriting member, you are welcome 
to schedule a lesson with me personally, over the voice telephone? It 
is free to members. If you can arrange for an interpreter to be there, 
we can do it over a conference call if you wish, and your Deaf friends 
and co-workers can participate in the lessons too...

No matter what, you have full technical support!

Val ;-)

Valerie Sutton
Sutton at

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